Effortless precision
for your style

Meet our beard trimmers

Precision Dial, get the
exact length you want

Our precision dial and multi-comb system give you ultimate control across 39 exact lengths.1

AutoSensing Motor

Braun's new AutoSensing Motor2 seamlessly adapts to your hair, giving you a smooth and even cut.

For any beard type

How it works: The AutoSensing Motor2 allows Braun trimmers to read your beard and automatically adjust to its thickness.

Lifetime Sharp Blades

With lifetime-sharp blades, this Braun beard trimmer offers unprecedented performance3.

Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide razor included

So you'll get a prefect clean shave.

German Design

All our trimmers are designed in Germany.

100 min of trimming?

Full recharge in 1 hour. 5 minutes quick charge for one trim.

100% waterproof1
Easy to clean,
low maintenance

For easy cleaning under running water.

What's in the box??

Trimmer with metal blade
2 Combs
Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide with Flexball Technology
Detail trimmer
Mini foil shaver
Zipper pouch
Charging stand

Series 3 Shavers

With 3-Flex head and MicroComb.

All-in-one trimmers

Achieve 10 jobs in 1 device with
the all-in-one grooming kits.

1Except BT 3222, BT 3221
2This applies to BT 5 and 7 series
3Compared to previous generations of Braun trimmers.
?Selected BT 5 and 7 models only
?Accessories vary per model. Showcased products are part of the BT 7240 kit.